Assembly Tips

Thank you for purchasing one of our products. We value all of our customers and want you to be satisfied with the product you purchased. We also know that the degree of mechanical ability varies with each person, therefore we have made a list of important tips to help you with proper assembly.

  1. Have plenty of work area available to unpack. Take inventory of all the parts included in the packaging according to the assembly instructions. While taking out your new unit, you need to check the box properly, in all areas around and inside the foam boards and foam sheets. Do not throw away any of the packaging until you have completed the assembly.
  2. Take inventory all of the hardware by looking at the parts listed in the assembly instructions. You need to do this before starting the assembly. If you are missing a part or it is defective, we will send it to you as soon as you let us know. Please visit the Order Replacement Parts page to place an order.
  3. One common problem that many people make is jumping steps. You must follow the order as indicated on the instructions. Take your time while doing the assembly.
  4. Please be aware of hidden holes among some of the panels. We use a PVC laminate surface which covers top and bottom of these panels, therefore some of these holes are covered by this material, but still you should be able to see them. Just punch them out with any of the screws provided for assembly.
  5. Do not tighten any screws until the desk is assembled. This will allow you to line up the remaining attachment and allow you to square off and level the unit properly. Once you have checked this, proceed to tighten the screws as required.
  6. If you have any questions regarding assembly, please do not hesitate to call us at 866-782-8262 or e-mail us at